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Mine tailings monitoring

From subsurface geophysical imaging to the safety of mining tailings retention dams.

  • mine and forage in desertic region

      Mining is facing several challenges as boring optimization but the main one is safety with the potential collapse tailings dams. It's crucial to know what is the tailing depth but also if it will be strong enough.



    • S-scan mine
    • Sercel can provide for mine tailings monitoring:

      • 2D and 3D Geophysical investigations with S-scan using DAS, Wing or DSU1-508.

      • Define and monitor boring and CPT programs and sample gathering

      • Define and monitor laboratory testing programs to obtain physical and mechanical properties

      • Evaluate and interpret data about site conditions to define the engineering properties of all materials important to the geotechnical and groundwater performance of the site

      • We are capable to define X, Y slice but also inform about the distance of the bottom of pond.

      With Geocomp based in USA we are having:

      • One of the largest geotechnical testing facilities in the world focused on delivering fast turnaround of high-quality test results for soils and rocks

      • Experts on staff to help evaluate and interpret test results

      • Extensive automation to speed delivery of results and reduce human error