Marine mammal monitoring system

QuietSeaTM is the new passive acoustic monitoring (PAM) system from Sercel designed to detect the presence of marine mammals during seismic operations.

For environmentally responsible operations, QuietSea complies with the increasingly widespread marine mammals monitoring regulations worldwide.

Unlike other separate antenna PAM systems, QuietSea is seamlessly integrated within the Sercel Sentinel® seismic streamer (Sentinel, Sentinel RD and Sentinel MS) allowing for greatly enhanced marine mammal detection capabilities in a wide frequency listening range that covers a large variety of vocalizing cetacean species.

  • Inte​g​​rated Architecture​

    • Sensors within Sentinel® streamers

    • Interfacing Seal 428 & SeaPro Nav​

  • Optimized Productivity

    • No external devices to entangle streamer

    • False alarm rate reduction​

  • Precise Monitoring

    • Automated detection & localization algorithms

    • Objective decision-making​

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